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Many of you will now be familiar with the new trend of late night TV phone sex channels. Such broadcasts will blend softcore porn with the classic LIVE 1 on 1 phone sex formula by taking models and pornstars (you may even recognise a few from your collection) and getting them to flaunt their curves for callers. However, why this is possibly the best thing to happen to late night TV in a while, (those shitting casino shows drive us mad!) we still can’t help but think that many stations are letting it dry up. The same women, the same fake breasts, no creativity in what they’re wearing and that darn model who just wants to sit still and look into the camera, instead of bend over and earn her pay!

With the above little rant still in mind (sorry about that) we were late night channel surfing for any model that stood out (as you do when PSN isn’t working) and came across something we just couldn’t take our eyes away from. A swift input of “192” on the remote lead us to the Adult Filth channel, where two stunning little beauties that were not only new to the industry, all natural and yearning for attention, had actually made a superb effort to dress for the part. Offering us viewers daring short skirts and seductively slipping bra cups, these babes were dressed in awesome sexy schoolgirl costumes…and we loved every minute of it!

Wanna see what we saw that night? Of course you do!

adult filth babes

Two fresh faced beauties appeared on Adult Filth. What happened next simply blew us away! (before you put pen to paper OFCOM, it was perfectly within regulations!)

The truth is that these Adult Filth babes were so stunning and superbly dressed for the part, that they didn’t really need to do much. The beauty on the left simply turned her back to us and began to bend over…pretty much at the same time we started thanking greater powers for late night TV.

adult filth schoolgirls

The Adult Filth schoolgirls new exactly how to work those costumes. We hadn't seen such sexy costume mastery since Precious in BangBabes!

As these beauties became more comfortable with the camera, they started to let their hands wonder around each others butt cheeks. These were two stunning young harlots in sexy schoolgirl costumes that knew exactly how to work the audience without the need for obscene actions. Perfect!

adult filth schoolgirl garters

As you can see...a perfect bum in a stunning schoolgirl tartan skirt! Wanna close-up? Move your eyes down some and prepare for one gorgeous little pic!

Garters are key to softcore porn. If you’re restricted and barred from letting certain things pop-out and reveal themselves, lingerie is the key to viewer success. Adult Filth got this spot-on with these two schoolgirl costume beauties. Dionne’s garters hug along those butt cheeks beautifully for perfect adult entertainment (thanks to our anonymous commenter below, who gave us her name).

adult filth schoolgirl ass

Now that's one hell of an ass! Something tells us many of you have already made a mental note of channel Adult Filth

These sexy schoolgirls begin to fondle each other some more and we really admire their horny and cleaver minds as they yet again, display how to turn us viewers on without getting the broadcaster into trouble (and getting the channel banned). Good stuff girls. Keep up the good work!

adult filth garter play

We love the sneaky hand under the sexy garter. Genius!

We know what you’re thinking…and we were thinking the same thing. What about that other cute butt? Well, finally one caller actually requests her to bend over (we don’t see the point in calling if you don’t!) and it’s rewarded with a double handed spank from our luscious tartan skirted schoolgirl!

adult filth schoolgirl spank

Perfect rounded butt checks + Schoolgirl Uniform + Spanking from gorgeous tartan schoolgirl babe = Late Night TV Bliss!

[UPDATE] We now know the performer to the left is Dionne, but we’re still unsure about the performer on the right. Adult Filth never seemed to display the name of their performers on-screen, (like a lot of other channels do) so if you know her name, please let us know via the comments below. Thanks!

We don’t know about you, but we always love to have a good sex session in a kinky costume. The sexy schoolgirl costumes pictured above are just amazing and we should all treat ourselves to a hot dress-up night with our partners. If you’re adventurous and want some advice on where to get some truly stunning schoolgirl sex costumes then click the image or text links below. You won’t be disappointed!

sexy schoolgirl costumes

Wanna bend your partner over (or be bent over) in a sexy schoolgirl costume like the one pictured above? THEN CLICK THE IMAGE!

Treat yourself to some hot and sexy schoolgirl uniforms and stay tuned to Adult Filth for some hot and refreshing late night adult entertainment!

6 Responses to “Channel Adult Filth – Schoolgirl Babes”

  1. limonG says:

    I really want her in that schoolgirl costume!

  2. JJTV says:

    girl in tartan Just a shame

  3. latz says:

    Dionne is a stunner! Want her in every costume!!!

  4. Jen17 says:

    I love dressing up as a school girl for my guy! I always wish I could take a pic of his face as he walks in on me wearing it LOL

  5. Anonymous says:

    The girl in tartan is called Dionne, not sure about the other girl.


    Ye. Adult FILTH channel is the best at night! Just a shame it on at 1am!!! A wank is spost to help me sleep not keep me up!!!

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