Mistress Katie K’s Fetish Pets

Our bad girl of Britain has finally released a taster of her hot Mistress Katie section! This new section will focus on fetish kink and lesbian slave training will be a strong focus. Katie K has an amazing body so a kinky section that gives her an excuse to dress up in stunning leather and latex, is great news to us!

mistress katie k ass

"I love this sexy fresh ass of yours" says Katie, as she gives it a hot spank!

As our bad girl continues to smooth this babes ass, Katie plays with her hair and demands she refers to her as “Katie’s pet”. This sizzling trailer continues with Katie pleasuring another one of her sexy slaves with a dildo, bringing this babe to a powerful and screaming climax!

mistress katie k dildo

"Let me hear you!" yells Katie, as she thrusts the dildo deep inside her pet!

Mistress Katie doesn’t just like to deal out the pleasure, she loves to watch too! A second slave appears and Mistress Katie arranges a special feast!

mistress katie k feast

Mistress Katie enjoys her special feast...fit for a bad girl of Britain!

If you never knew why Katie K is referred to as “The Bad Girl of Britain” you certainly do now! Her curves love the fetish outfits, her slaves love the sexual dominance and the camera loves the lot! We can’t wait for more on Katie K’s Mistress Katie section. Until we get our hands on more previews, check out the Mistress Katie Trailer and head over to Katie K’s Official website.

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