PVC Frilly French Maid

Like every year, many couples discover how fun and exciting sexy costumes can be. They’re not just for parties! This sexy Halloween article focuses on the shiny curves of the PVC maid. But this one is all-out with shine, frills and stunning PVC stockings!

pvc frilly french maid

WOW! Lets cancel that party and hit the bedroom!

As our stunning model bends over in this figure hugging masterpiece, you can’t help but think of the bedroom…forget the party! The frills just add to the seductive exposure, as they ride-up revealing those amazing PVC panties. These can also be switched for open ones if like us, you relish the look and feel of tight PVC during sex!

One major factor of this amazing PVC look are those lusty stockings. Those babies are the perfect finish to any kinky look. Lets take a closer look:

pvc frilly maid stockings

PVC stockings are a perfect finish to any fetish look. PVC french maids were simply born for them!

The way the stockings cling to and enhance the shape, is amazing. The shine and overall finish is what every fetish look needs and the garter attachment to the panties just creates a perfect PVC maid look.

Try this one out this Halloween (and we’re not talking about that party). You won’t regret it and it will be a great start to your kinky adventures together!

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