Flip n’ Fuck Me – Multi Position Masturbator

You’ve loved the Fuck Me Silly series, now feast your eyes on this beauty! The Flip n’ Fuck Me! It brings together all the best bits, so you can really get creative in your sex stamina training!

flip n fuck me pipedream

The Flip n’ Fuck Me combines the very best of the Fuck Me Silly series but adds even more pussy, anal, leg and foot sex possibilities!

Taking two of the most popular Fuck Me Silly toys ever released (the original Fuck Me Silly and Fuck Me Silly 3) the Flip n’ Fuck blends that award winning pussy and ass with some unbelievable legs and feet that allow total position control!

Let her ride you, slide along you doggy style or let her feet pull you deeper as you thrust hard, all while enjoying her perfect feet!

flip n fuck me sex positions

You won’t believe the sexual positions the Flip n’ Fuck Me offers. It’s incredible!

Keep us bookmarked for more on this amazing new sex toy!

8 Responses to “Flip n’ Fuck Me – Multi Position Masturbator”

  1. edancer says:

    They really keep delivering with their sex toys. The ass and legs looks amazing!

  2. dino says:

    Never thought they could release a leg sex toy as realistic as this!

  3. danner says:


  4. VALLE35 says:

    You really wanna grab those feet and fuck it senseless! Nice toy!

  5. badooooing! says:

    The positions you could pull-off with this thing would just amazing!

  6. viva69 says:

    I have the Fuck Me Silly 3 but now I may go in hot pursuit of this! The Flip n’ Fuck Her? More like the ‘loose yourself and not want to leave the house for 6 months – fuck her’. That toy is AWESOME!

  7. FLIPIT! says:

    Pair the Flip n’ Fuck Her up with a dildo torso sex toy and BAM! One awesome DP position!

  8. henri says:

    WOW! The things you could do with that! The ain’t just for leg and foot sex toy lovers…thats for every sex toy lover!

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