Henessy In Geisha Latex – Sex In Venice

True fetish classics need stunning outfits that not only work the curves of the performer, but just look unique and stylish too. Harmony’s Sex In Venice includes one jaw-dropping geisha latex scene with Henessy.

henessy latex geisha ass sex in venice

Henessy in her amazing latex geisha outfit, stockings and heels!

Look out for Sex In Venice. This movie really captures the erotic pleasures of beautiful women in stunning outfits designed for sex! Artful make-up design is also combined with hot sex accessories to create some unforgettable looks!

henessy latex geisha nipple tassels

Henessy looks stunning with make-up and hot pasties that perfectly compliment her fetish geisha outfit

Lets take a peek into Henessy’s hot geisha latex scene. As we said before, Scarlett Revell (director of Sex In Venice) has worked hard to ensure all these stunning outfits are fully functional during intense sex scenes.

These are the kind of costumes and uniforms we love!

henessy ride suck sex in venice

Sex In Venice will include the most beautiful women that are not only in stunning outfits, but outfits that can stay on and work a sex scene!

We have to say it…Henessy’s scene is actually one of the hottest latex DP scenes we’ve seen in a while! We’ll give you a little close-up peek for now (with much more on this amazing DP scene in future articles):

henessy dp sex in venice

Click to see this amazing DP close-up. More on this awesome scene soon!

Stay with us for more on Henessy’s amazing latex geisha DP and a full review of Scarlett Revell’s Sex In Venice (we can’t wait!).

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