Aiden Ashley is Catwoman

We at Fetish Sex Blog have a question for you…is this the hottest Catwoman sex scene, ever? Aiden Ashley melts the screen with this intense sex scene from Vivid’s, The Dark Kinght XXX.


The cat always wants the cream and it looks like Aiden Ashley definitely has it!

What’s better than a hot babe in costume? A hot babe in a costume you can totally FUCK HER IN!


Aiden Ashley is purring so you’d better let catwoman have it…nice and hard!

Puuuurrrrrrfect camera work, make this sofa ride a pure delight to watch. Check out how Aiden Ashley’s catsuit perfectly highlights her ass, while the camera captures her working that tool!


An amazing catwoman scene! This position easily steals the scene for us and is just one of the intense angles of this red-hot position!

You can check out this amazing scene by heading to Vivid’s official site. Yup, it’s a parody, but this is one movie with some truly stunning costume work.

Do you think this is the best catwoman sex scene? If not, please share with us your top catwoman/catsuit sex scenes, via the comments below!

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