BoneTown Review

The games industry generates billions of profit every year and with this, developers around the world, spend millions developing games to target a variety of markets. Action/Adventure, RPG/JRPG, Beat em’ Up and Horror, are among favourites with today’s hardcore gamers. Over the years, graphics, physics and storytelling, have merged and adapted to create a realistic gaming experience. Foul language, drug taking, violence and anti social behaviour, have all helped to sell mainstream titles, but there is still one genre that is shied away from by developers. A genre that’s always in demand, but somehow passes over the heads of many game studios. That genre…is the ‘Adult Game’.

Development of mainstream adult games, were non existent in the US and UK. Yes, you had your ‘virtual pet’ genre of adult games, along with ‘fantasy role play’ games (some of which, are well made), but the words ‘game’ and ‘adult’ were never truly merged.

Are you ready to learn the ways of BoneTown?

Thankfully, a small group of developers, with balls of steel and the will to make these two words gel, started creating an adult game in Albuquerque, NM. The process took talent, ‘big hairy ones’, 3 years and minds almost as dirty as ours, but the final product has given gamers what they’ve wanted, for so many years. So lets do away with censorship and naughty mods…lets welcome the first, true adult game….let us welcome you, to:


BoneTown sets out to attract main stream gamers, by giving them a sandbox environment to explore. This town however, is unlike any you’ve ever explored in a game…it’s pretty much what Rockstar wanted you to experience, but never quite had the balls to make reality. BoneTown blends settings, humour and mission objectives from GTA, and then injects them with beautiful hardcore sex! Yes, finally a game with big, fat balls of steel and true to it’s market.

An Introduction to the Charming, Billy…and the Fighting System

BoneTown begins with a hazy scene, due to your character being out cold on a beach, while some drunk dude (Billy) pisses on you, thinking you’re a jelly fish…yes…Billy is pretty wasted.

Billy introduces pissing on you!

Right from the beginning, you’re hit with BoneTown’s hilarious humour, which is sprinkled throughout the game. “What the fuckin’ fuck! You god damn jellyfish…comin’ alive!” Billy seems to think you’re a jellyfish, that’s been washed up on the beach…but it’s quite obvious now, that you’re not. Of course, this is entirely your fault, so put those fists up and brace yourself for a quick rundown of the games fighting system.

Breaking faces, slammin' babes and growing huge balls, are what gets you noticed, in BoneTown

D-dub have kept the fighting system pretty simple. You click the left button for a left hook and the right button, for a right hook. The middle mouse button is your blocking stance, so don’t forget it or you’ll never give yourself the chance to experience BoneTown’s sinful delights. Left and right hooks will soon get old with your opponents and become easier to predict, so you’re going to need hellish, uppercutting knockout blows, to seriously do some damage (experiment with mouse button combinations). You can also pick up weapons with the ‘Q’ key, which range from a mannequin leg, to a light saber…nice! There’s a huge variety of weapons in BoneTown and you’ll have to explore, to find a majority of them.

Now it’s time to stop the punchin’ n’ duckin’ and start the fuckin’! Once you’ve successfully knocked Billy flat on his backside, a hot bikini wearing babe, struts her assets over to you and apologises for Billy’s behaviour. She can tell you’re ‘fresh of the boat’ (a newbie) to BoneTown, so Candy, introduces herself and kindly gets us up-to-date, on how to live and survive in BoneTown.

Helping you with the ways of BoneTown, Candy is a sweet and loving women...who sucks like a Dyson!

Candy explains that BoneTown is ‘all about the balls’. To succeed and be known in BoneTown, you’ve got to grow big, hanging plumbs. Try and chat up women with small peanuts, and you won’t even get the time of day…but if you’ve got a generous pair, you’ll get women to do pretty much, whatever you want! Candy now sympathises with your character (being new to BoneTown) so she throws a few tips your way. “Tell me that sucking your dick, is the only thing I’m missing in my life, right now” she seductively demands.

In order to take this hot beach babe up on her offer, you first have to select the ‘BJ’ icon from the top left of the screen. You cycle through and select the one you want, by pressing the ‘Tab’ key. You’ll depend on this menu from here on, for interacting with BoneTown’s women and moving closer to you’re goal of possessing the all important ‘big dangly balls’, that BoneTown’s women, crave.

The tools of the trade, for growing 'big hairy ones'. That's the thing can be quite PLEASURABLE!

Now it’s time for the hottest game tutorial, you’ve ever experienced. After giving you a hot blow, candy lets you pick her up and stuff her, while standing on the beach! “Nothing Pisses a girl off more, than not finishing” She cries, while bouncing up and down your cock. “Give it to us like we want it, if you want us to come all over that rock hard cock” and “the more you make them cum all over your balls, the bigger your balls get” she groans, as you’re now in control of the action and are learning the basics of BoneTown’s, screwing system (as well as some well delivered and hot tips, from Candy).

"There's nothing like getting your dick sucked, by sweet lips" says Candy, as she kneels down in front of you and opens wide. You know what? We totally agree with her!

The sexy and caring Candy, will teach you the ways of BoneTown. She not only teaches you how to work a hot babe to an explosive climax, but shares some valuable tips with you, in order for your confidence (and balls) to grow. After Candy’s finished filling you in on BoneTown, it’s only polite you return the favour…nice and hard!

Breasts in your face, as she rides your love pump...if only all tutorials, were as hot as this!

Just like the blowjob you just received, you’ll once again have two bars at the bottom of your screen. One is for speed and the other is for power. The babes ideal pumping action, will be symbolised by pink, so you’ll need to match this by pressing ‘W’ or ‘E’ to decrease or increase speed and ‘S’ and ‘D’ to decrease and increase power (your pumping action, is symbolised with blue). You can also press the left mouse button, to perform a sexy action, such as ass spanking, forcing ‘deep throats’, pussy licking and more (depending on your sex position). If you can maintain a balance with your babes ideal pumping action, you’ll make her cum (and increase your balls). Watch out for your stamina gauge though, as it will decrease with faster speed and power actions.

The vocal talent for BoneTown, is great throughout and scenes like this tutorial with Candy, are so believably hot, with her well delivered lines and groans. The sound FX are great too, with some hot ball slapping and pussy pounding effects, that just add to the overall adult experience.

The Man

Unfortunately, BoneTown has recently fell under surveillance of ‘The Man’. This party crashing dude and his celibate agents, want to rid BoneTown of it’s ‘do it anywhere’ attitude, towards drugs and sex. The Man has introduced the ‘Decency and Conservatism Act’ and with this, has installed the ‘all seeing eyes’ around BoneTown, so anyone breaching this act, can immediately be punished.

Candy, you and one of 'The Man's' agents. If you don't wanna stay this small and you're thinking of standing up to 'The Man', you gotta grow those balls, quick.

Due to your actions with Candy, the agent left you out cold on the beach and Candy has been locked up! It’s time to gain consciousness, get up, dust yourself off and help BoneTown be rid of ‘The Man’…for good!

BoneTown and Navigation

With good advice and sexual relief from Candy (bless her), you’re now prepared to dive into the sinful pleasures of BoneTown. Your first objective, is to meet Uzi on the dock, to get briefed for your first mission…but if you’re like us, you’ll spend a bit of time, wondering around BoneTown. You’ll be equipped with a map, which displays the locations of mission, power moves (which your character can learn, by defeating enemies), hookers (we love this game) and cash earning opportunities. It’s when BoneTown finally opens up to you, that you realise it’s what GTA was lacking. Yes, you could steal cars, fly choppers and take part in police chases, but a babe wiggling her as at you, is as far as GTA could go.

The blue fists are 'Powermoves'. TRUST US...get every one of them!

Missions are indicated with a star, powermoves by a blue fist, lips are hookers and the disc is a save point (the rest are bonuses, so go and explore!). You’re first objective will have you downing some potion, from a guy named ‘Uzi’. This guy is all against ‘The Man’ and will stop at nothing to bring him down. The potion he gives you, will allow you to take the identity of anyone you knock unconscious, around BoneTown. Once they’re out cold, you’re shown their fighting stats and ball stats, compared to your current identity. We think it’s a cool and refreshing idea, to allow the player to change their character model and stats, at any time. Nice touch, d-dub!

BoneTown isn’t just slack on the public sex, either. Throughout the game, you’ll be collecting and buying a huge stash of drugs, that temporarily enhance your players abilities. For example, weed makes you jump higher and mushrooms make you invincible to enemy attacks. When you complete mission, or win a street brawl, you’ll collect money from your enemies. You then use this cash to spend on these aids, as well as beer and spirits (which temporarily enhance your ball size).

As well as enhancing items, you’ll be able to find collectables, that are scattered throughout every town or area. These can vary from fairground tickets, to casino tokens. You’ll also see a ‘blue fist’ on your map. This  represents the location of an enemy, that once defeated, will give up a special ability. The abilities you’ll obtain, will be invaluable skills, such as smashing and throwing beer bottles, to creating lightning storms…from out you’re ass!. We heavily recommend hunting these enemies down, and collecting ALL the powermoves. We say this, because there are a few gameplay points, where these skills are needed to progress and without them, you’re going to be exiting and re-loading a lot…you’ve been warned.

One of the essential powermoves. Get em' all and cause your enemies, some serious pain!

Strutting your stuff around BoneTown, will also reward you with some hilarious artwork. Don’t forget to check out the cinema, for posters of the latest movie releases like ‘Young Bunzs, Big Trouble in Little Vagina and many more. There’s great humour sprinkled around BoneTown and it just feels so good to finally play a game, that doesn’t have to obied, by a ‘Politically Correct’ ruling.

BoneTown is sprinkled with humour throughout. Be sure to explore!

Back to the Sex!

Lets be honest, the main reason why you’re reading this, is because of the hot sex that BoneTown offers, right? Well, we can tell you that BoneTown is easily, the hottest adult sex game out there. The female character models come in a huge variety and once you’ve gained some ball size, you’re free to screw pretty much, whoever you want…whenever you want!.

Strut into a club and work your 'big ball' magic, to take BoneTown's beauties, 'There and then'...while everyone else wishes 'theirs', was as big a 'yours'!

We just love the fact that getting a BJ in the street (or at any location), can completely restore your health…genius!

Depending on where you meet the babes, sexual positions will differ. The regular BJ will see her on her knees, but ask her to suck, while sitting on a bench...well...have a look above. Nice!

You won’t believe the amount of effort that’s gone into BoneTown’s sexual gameplay. The amount of sex positions are superb and you’ll come across a great variety of women, dressed in skimpy clubwear, thigh high boots, dresses, costumes (such as Indian costumes) and many more. What really makes it so erotic and believable, is the vocal talent used for the babes. It seems like every one you bone, sounds different, groans different and begs you to do different things, really enhancing the experience of the game. One babe wanted us to ‘leave a print on her ass’ as we spanked her hard, while others want it hard or deep (or both). You’ll just be amazed by the variety.

As we mentioned before, your character can perform additional sex actions, by clicking the left mouse button, during sex. These will be different, depending on the position you’re screwing her, or what location she’s in, at the time. Throat gagging (during a BJ) and ass spanking (during many positions) are just some of the hot actions you can perform. They get even hotter when screwing women you’ve rescued or done favours for, during missions (we’ll get to that in a bit).

The camera can always be moved around the action, giving you endless ways to enjoy each varied sex scene!

There were too many hot scenarios to list in this review, but trust us…d-dub have been hard at work, creating super realistic adult gameplay, that makes you feel like you’re playing an interactive porn film! It’s freakin’ amazing!

BoneTown has so many women and so many positions to fuck them all in! You'll be amazed at how realistic it all looks and plays, too

Think this is hot? Check out the mission positions and scenarios…it’ll blow your mind!

Missionary Sex

Just when you think the sex can’t get any hotter…BoneTown opens it’s super hot missions to you. The sexual scenarios you’ll see and the hardcore sex you’ll get involved in, will blow you away. You just won’t believe you’re actually playing a hardcore game like this.

One mission, sees you in search of a group of travelers, who are screwing all the wife’s in the village! They’re spreading STD’s and need throwing out of the village, fast! Just when you think you’re rid of the last group, poor Uzi’s wife is having the life screwed out of her, over a fence. As you run up to the scene, you witness Uzi’s missus, taking a hard slammin’ from behind, while a load of other guys, wait their turn. We actually sat back and watched for a bit…then intervened.

Another highlight, gives you the role of a bodyguard, for a drunk cheerleader. She’s drunk herself silly and is pretty much passed out over a couch, during her own house party. You’ve got to prevent any guy that tries to take advantage of her fine and fully exposed ass (she has a shirt, but her pants are missing). Basically…kick the living shit, out of anyone that even looks at her!

Believe it or not, this cheerleader wanted to stay a virgin until marriage...that's before she met 'Jack'. Now get ready to protect her ass, as she then slumps over her couch

Successful missions (and even the beginning of certain ones) will reward you with super hot sexual scenarios, to enjoy. Here’s a peek at a few more, but believe us…there are so much more…even hotter than this!

The sexual scenarios your character finds himself in, just get hotter and hotter as the game progresses

As you progress through the game, you’ll journey through different areas of BoneTown. It’s a huge place and no matter where you go, people are always screwing. Your missions will mainly take you to people in desperate need of help, and you’ll meet some funny, strange and totally bizarre characters, along the way. Yes, you may have heard of a certain ‘legendary pornstar’ that appears in the game? Well here he is, in all his 3D glory:

He's seen more tunnels than a coal miner, he's battered more chickens than's Ron Jeremy!

Ron Jeremy doesn’t take to ‘wannabes’ very well. He wants you to prove your worth and sets up some pretty hot trails for you to take, around BoneTown’s ‘DownTown’. He’s got his own kick-ass soundtrack whenever you’re in his presence, and his ‘one liners’ will bring a devilish smile.

He possesses 10" of female pleasure, he needs no Viagra, he can count down till' climax...bow down to Ron Jeremy! (oh, she already has)

The genius behind BoneTown (d-dub) have now introduced a patch, which adds a fully hardcore sex scene, accessible in the adult cinema of BoneTown!. After completing a mission, around and within the actual cinema, simply go to the screen area and activate the movie! The scene stars the gorgeous and natural breasted Natasha Nice, as you watch her blow a cock and get taken, hard over a piano. The scene is 100% hardcore and is courtesy of Sugar DVD. Oh, did we mention this hardcore scene-patch, is totally FREE for owners of the game!? Sweet!

The gorgeous Natasha Nice, will treat you to a hardcore sex scene, viewable in full screen! Don't worry, the logo vanishes at the beginning, so sit back and enjoy...

The Fetish Sex Blog on BoneTown:

BoneTown is like nothing else, you’ve ever played. No other game has actually gelled ‘Adult’ and ‘Game’ together before. The sex in BoneTown, is totally amazing and we honestly think it’s beyond anything we were expecting. Sexy and impressive vocal talent, great sex animation and dirty imagination (almost as dirty as ours), help to make BoneTown THE greatest triumph in adult gaming history.

Pushing the sex aside for a moment, gameplay is simple but effective in BoneTown. It can get quite addictive at times and it’s great to be rewarded with the sex, rather than have it handed to you on a plate at the very beginning, so you get totally fed up with it, 10mins in (like so many other adult games). BoneTown also offers a superb soundtrack that suits the mood, perfectly. Expect the effort and quality of GTA, when it comes to BoneTown’s tunes, as it will often change (to something new) with every location, mission and scenario. Check out the games tracks

Don’t get us wrong though, BoneTown is not without minor flaws. Pausing the game doesn’t actually ‘pause it’. A menu will pop up, but the game will still continue in the background (not so good if you need a pee, or someone disturbs you). Also, a certain two-part mission, lacked a save point, so we had to start the whole mission again, a few times  (and it’ was a tough one). It won’t exactly take ages to get back to where you were, but it would be nice to save mid-way. These however, are minor issues, that could easily be solved by a small patch.

BoneTown is a great blend of basic and addictive gameplay, which can offer a steep difficulty at times (and that’s actually refreshing, for an adult game). The game really does offer, an intense and erotic fantasy escapism, that will have you thinking you’re playing an interactive adult movie. You’ll really be amazed at how hot BoneTown can get, especially if you’re used to playing adult web games.

Make no mistake, this is the king of adult games. BoneTown has every other ‘adult game’ attempt, in the centre of it’s cross-hair…and it’s just pulled the trigger!

The Fetish Sex Blog gives BoneTown:

9 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: The hottest sex games/scenes you’ll EVER see in an adult game to date  – Outrageous characters and wicked humour – d-dub look after and listen to player feedback, releasing excellent patches (including a new episode and the Sugar DVD ‘Freshly Squeezed’ patch). Now that’s customer service!

CONSIDER: BoneTown may be an adult game, but it’s more challenging than you may think – The pause menu, simply brings up a menu…it doesn’t pause the game.

The Fetish Sex Blog was given a copy of BoneTown by it’s developer, for reviewing purposes.

Purchasing BoneTown:

The awesome BoneTown, can be purchased in the form of a DVD box (shipped to your address) or via direct download. To purchase BoneTown by either method, visit BoneTown’s official website and click the ‘Buy Now’ link, at the top left menu of the website.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that d-dub is an independent game developer and if you enjoy games and porn (like us) and want d-dub to continue creating adult games (as well as a sequel), they need a budget to develop these games (it ain’t cheap, believe us), so please support d-dub and purchase the game. We’ll be pissed if we don’t see more games from d-dub, so show your support, buy the game and give d-dub a pat on the back for 3 years of their hard work.


Keep updated with the Fetish Sex Blog, for more news on BoneTown game updates, as soon as we get them.

4 Responses to “BoneTown Review”

  1. BoneIT! says:

    Hands-down the best adult game out there!

  2. Vic says:

    ….and Natasha’s juggs are gorgeous!

  3. Vic says:

    Hard as fuck in some places but good game. Wanna play BoneTown 2!

  4. Stiffler says:

    This game is hilarious and is what a sex game SHOULD BE!

    NICE WORK D-DUB! Bring on the 2nd episode!


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