Dressing For Sex – Harmony DVD Review

dressing for sex dvd review

The DVD cover to Dressing For Sex, promises some provocative and imaginative fetishwear

Tanya Hyde’s Dressing For Sex offers exactly what it promotes. Gorgeous babes, stunning outfits and kinky sex scenes are produced with the care and attention they need to turn anyone on, regardless what the sexual act is. But believe us, the sex is just as hot!

shay hendrix dressing for sex

Shay Hendrix’s fetish outfit not only demands your attention, but gives you a hot taste of what’s to come in Harmony’s Dressing For Sex

The wardrobe is a powerful sex tool for the woman and Tanya Hyde understands this incredibly well. Take a cute babe on her knees and you have a hot oral sex scene. But slap a bit of bright red lipstick on her and throw in a military-style cap and you have a powerful fetish look, which not only gives the female sexual dominance, but also enhances every oral technique she performs.

The opening scene with Shay Hendrix and Brooke Jameson, is a perfect example of this. Prepare for a truly awesome fetish oral sex scene!

brooke jameson lipstick cap bj

Brooke Jameson gives a lipstick, fetish dressed blowjob you’ll never forget!

Deep throating, cock sliding everything you want from a hot fetish blowjob is here and we thoroughly enjoyed watching these two fetish dressed beauties, execute them to perfection! But although they take there sweet, sexy time oiling his cock with their tongues, the scene offers much more than hot fetish blowjobs! Tanya Hyde really works their fetishwear, especially with Shay Hendrix taking it hard on a sex swing with her boobs bouncing around through her cupless latex teddy!

brooke jameson shay hendrix dressing for sex

Brooke Jameson and Shay Hendrix make sure Dressing For Sex opens with a fetish bang! They look stunning in a leather waist cincher and exposure corset!

Tanya Hyde now moves to the spanking dress fetish. However, a unique twist sees Angelica Heart wear a black leather spanking skirt and a black leather bra. The result is mind-blowing and ingenious! Angelica Heart is in this stunning dress for one reason only…to emphasizes that beautiful ass of hers!

Butt plugs guide you into this scene with Angelica then kneeling on all fours, sucking the guy as he works her amazing spank skirt-ass with his hands. Angelica Heart slides her lipstick lips up and down his tool, while enjoying a nice butt plug! If you love fetishwear and anal sex, you MUST buy this DVD for this scene alone!

angelica heart spank skirt anal

Tanya Hyde makes superb use of the leather spank skirt, as Angelica gives us a superb anal scene. Angelica’s gloves also add extra heat to her fetish look!

The spank skirt fetish continues (and we love it!) as Alexa Andreas and Jasmine Webb take part in a very kinky threesome. Tanya Hyde now plays with the latex spank dress fetish and these two babes look absolutely stunning, with Alexa Andreas stealing the show in her red latex spank outfit.

alexa andreas latex spank dress

Alexa Andreas looks breath-taking in her latex spank dress, as she performs with the beautiful Jasmine Webb

Alexa and Jasmine are lipstick, latex-clad stunners (we also love how Tanya Hyde makes use of lipstick throughout this movie) who’ll mesmerize you with their gorgeous spank skirt asses, as they bend over for their meaty lunch!

Highlights for this scene include Jasmine Webb, yelling as if she can’t take much more cock, while being bent over doggy style! The way she suddenly has a cock thrust into her lipstick cheeks before heading back inside her, is incredibly erotic to watch! But it’s Alexa taking anal on a red sex frame that really hits the fetish anal mark. Those red sex frames…gotta get us some of those!

alexa andreas latex anal

Incredible fetish outfits, blowjobs and anal scenes place Dressing For Sex in the “must-buy” category

Angel Summers and Lou Charmelle (working their costumes on the front of the DVD cover) bring this fetish fest to a close, with Angel Summers enjoying some rough fingers and tongue in both holes! The lustful way her skirt is thrust backward, exposing her perfectly rounded ass is jaw-dropping to watch.

Highlights of this threesome finale are Lou Charmelle being bent over (again, with her hot skirt lustfully thrown back over her) and taking a huge cock, while Angel Summers continuously attempts to guzzle it down in between thrusts! Tanya Hyde captures Lou Charmelle’s ass beautifully in this scene. A real treat for anal lovers, is when Lou Charmelle is bar-cuffed while on her back. Lou is now helpless against the filming of yet another superb anal scene!

lou charmelle bar cuff anal

Lou Charmelle is bar-cuffed and defenseless against a hot anal pounding!

Fetish Sex Blog on the Dressing For Sex Review

What we really admire about Tanya Hyde, is her understanding of a “dressing for sex” fetish. Too many directors allow their actresses to fully remove their costumes/uniforms etc. well before the action takes place. To us, this is pretty much conning your customers out of their money if your DVD was promoted to have such a fetish theme (yes directors/producers, this includes having performers in such fetishwear on the box art!).

Thankfully Tanya Hyde delivers when it comes to the dress-up fetish, by combining key factors that make the perfect fetish costume sex scene. Lipstick cap-wearing blowjobs, dress wearing babes that have them lustfully thrown back for sex (not removed) and ass-exposed spank skirts are just some examples of how Tanya Hyde knows exactly how to please the costume fetish lover.

Dressing For Sex can also be hailed as an anal masterpiece as well as a costume one. Tanya Hyde’s use of outfits to emphasise anal sex (such as Angelica Hearts spank skirt) was superb and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Shay Hendrix, Brooke Jameson and Angelica Heart stole the show for us, but we feel Alexa Andreas had the outfit that wowed us the most (it’s just a shame that Jasmine Webb never had the butt/anal attention that Angelica Heart did).

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The Fetish Sex Blog Dressing For Sex DVD Review Result:

Dressing for Sex DVD - 9.4 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Tanya Hyde’s understanding of the costume fetish and what the viewer expects and desires – Stunning costume work that emphasises the performers curves – A superb variation of fetish costume styles and materials – Perfect focus and capture of anal sex

CONSIDER: No fetish double penetrations

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