Harmony – Kink In A Box DVD Box Set Review

Fetish DVD Box Set Review: Kink In A Box  Release: November 2011

Many porn studios are jumping on the compilation wagon now. Whether it be single DVD releases that offer the very best of a specific niche or great value box sets, the temptation to repackage and resell is always too much. However, rarely you’ll see such box sets and compilations that can be considered must-buys and we’re glad to say that Kink In A Box from Harmony, is just that!

kink in a box dvd review

Kink In A Box is the latest fetish box set from Harmony

Kink In A Box gives you three superb fetish themed movies for one great price. Possibly the strongest of these is Aphrodiziac, offering plenty of fetish outfits, stunning babes and the sexual positions and scenarios that really make them shine. One scene that stood out the most for us (trust us, it was hard to select just one from Aphrodiziac) was Aletta Ocean’s stunning fetish DP scene. But it wasn’t just the amazing DP or the 2-on-1 sex that lead up to that point, it was Tanya Hyde’s entire build-up to those moments, having Aletta Ocean dominate one guy on a cross, another guy on a table, before having the ever-loving shit fucked out of her with a red hot DP!

kink in a box aletta ocean 2 on 1

Aletta Ocean looks amazing in her fetish cincher, stockings and thigh high boots!

The build-up to Aletta’s double fuck, offers the viewer some exceptional sloppy, red lipstick blowjobs, with some seriously raunchy female domination. Guys are constrained, faces are sat on and fucked and the wardrobe department made a fantastic job with Aletta Ocean’s style, allowing her to work a gorgeous tight black cincher, fishnet black top (that lets Aletta’s tits hang free), stockings, suspenders and an absolutely stunning pair of thigh high black boots!

kink in a box aletta ocean dp

Stunning red lipstick BJ’s, female domination and hot spit-roast anals all lead-up to an amazing fetish DP!

The next Kink In A Box move is Ladies Who Lust. Among another stunning DP from Lisa Sparkle and an inspiring pig-tail blowjob n’ fuck from the baby-faced Valentina Cruz, our highlight for this movie was a very well shot and executed lesbian scene with Tammie Lee and Cate Harrington.

kink in a box cate harrington strap on

Cate Harrington polishes off this amazing lesbians scene with a lustful, deep strap-on fuck!

The way Cate Harrington works her breasts with her arms, is amazing to watch alone, but the way these girls fuck each other strap-on style WILL LEAVE YOUR JAW OPEN! A man’s rhythm and lustful desire, is expertly emulated with Cate Harrington’s execution and from drilling Tammie Lee’s pussy (with Tammie’s legs high in the air) to squat fucking Tammie Lee’s ass, you’ll just be watching in absolute amazement!

We must admit, the strap-on is usually left for the finale…so how can you follow this? Easy! Cate Harrington’s work on a very realistic dildo machine, just keeps heating the pan to boiling point! Cate grips her ass cheeks as the camera takes a perfect view just below her pussy, capturing every thrust of the pumping dildo! Cate Harrington once again, works those gorgeous breasts with her arms and helps make this one of the best lesbian sex scenes, we’ve ever seen!

Tanya Hyde’s Ladies Of Pleasure, not only feeds us fetish lovers with hot uniform and lingerie combination sex, Alexandra Cat in super-kinky pig tails with a full latex twist, but one must-see maid anal sex scene! Black Angelika and Donna Bell treat us to some milk maid fetish kinkiness, with some fantastic 2-on-1 cheek-bulging blowjobs and some of the most cock-teasing costume anal sex you’ll see!

kink in a box black angelika bj

Black Angelika gives an amazing blowjob in this superb milk maid fetish sex scene! But who could resist asses as perfect as that?

You simply can’t hire two maids that fuck each other when they have nothing else to do. You need to be part of the action! The amazing double blowjobs begin when our employee walks in on just that…milk maids…milking each other! But they soon have no problems milking his meat and smearing their lipstick in double team-style!

kink in a box donna bell bj

Donna Bell takes a mouthful for the milk maid team, with a gorgeous lipstick BJ! It’s soon 2-on-2 as the blowjobs and anals really heat-up!

Our maids are keen for a spanking and as they bend over and expose their beautiful french knickers, we get a peek at the anal delights that are to come. Legs wide and pussy plugged by a huge cock, Donna Bell groans in delight as the camera not only captures a gorgeous angle of the ball-bouncing action, but brings Black Angelika into shot, groaning with pleasure as her ass is filled with meat! Donna Bell even turns up the heat by laying on her side and giving us an even hotter anal pounding while Black Angelika’s tits bounce furiously in-shot!


The Fetish Sex Blog on Kink In A Box DVD Review

Kink In A Box may be a Harmony compilation set, but it’s one of the best you’ll ever see and add to your collection. Every fetish is catered for, from latex 2-on-1 fuck-fests to hard strap-on lesbian sex fantasies and from pig tail blowjobs to amazing fetish-themed double penetrations. It was incredibly hard to pick single scenes to highlight each DVD but trust us, each DVD is a fetish classic. As part of a box set…they help create a kinky boxed masterpiece of fetish film making. So many others have tried with fetish-themed box-sets but Harmony have really hit the mark with Kink In A Box.

Fetish loyalty, fetish variaty, fetish creativity and stunning women have all be checked by Harmony is this box set. Every DVD even comes with extras in the form of trailers, Hi-Rez slideshow images and behind the scenes movies as each of these DVD’s are the full retail copies…unedited and unchanged for this box set. We usually make negative comments to balance things out, round about this point…but we honestly can’t think of any. Put simply…if you love fetish sex…buy Kink In A Box. It’s as simple as that.

Download the full Aphrodiziac DVD

Download the full Ladies Who Lust DVD

Download the full Original Sinners DVD

The Fetish Sex Blog gives Kink In A Box:

BUY IT FOR: The number of soft fetish sex themes and scenarios – A collection of Tanya Hyde’s masterpieces – Quality fetish sex that stays loyal throughout the entire box set – Hot fetish-themed DP’s (still rare in the industry!)

CONSIDER: Er…buying Kink In A Box!

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  1. Vince says:

    Love the hi-rez hardcore photos you get on this blog! Keep those DVD articles coming! :D

  2. Tom says:

    That strap on scene is ace! One of the best fetish box sets available!

  3. RimBob says:

    Good box set. Had some PRIVATE fetish ones but this is the best I’ve seen.

  4. anon says:

    Black Angelika has such a fit ass!

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