Knickers Off – Harmony DVD Review

Fetish DVD Review: Knickers Off  Release: October 2009

Knickers Off (or Panties Down if you’re in the US) is hot dress-up fetish release from Harmony’s Strangelove. If you’re a lipstick, anal and naughty outfit fan, you’re going to need to make another gap in your fetish adult movie collection.

knickers off harmony dvd review

Prepare to enjoy the unique and refreshing fetish outfit styles, in Knickers Off

Anal, lipstick and stunning outfits. That seems to be the formula that works with dress-up sex lovers. Kinkywear is often used to emphasise a women’s curves as well as focus more attention to certain points nudity. Although many outfit fetish movies seem to stick with one form of fetishwear, Strangelove isn’t afraid to throw away the rule book and explore various styles of sexy outfits. If Kickers Off proves anything, it’s that you don’t need pure leather and/or latex to create an impressive adult dress-up sex movie.

alexandra cat knickers off

Knickers Off is full of imaginative fetish style. Alexandra Cat is to die-for in her lipstick, girdle and stocking suspenders!

Cocks first meet painted lips when Cindy Dollar begins to masturbate on a chair. She turns around, lifts up her 1950’s style polka dot dress and gently begins to ease her lipstick suckers up and down a rock-hard tool. You immediately appreciate the wardrobe in Knickers Off, with Cindy Dollars teasing stockings and suspenders that run down to her matching polka dot heels.

cindy dollar lipstick bj knickers off

Cindy Dollar wraps those lipstick lips around a thick cock while she prepares for a hot spitroast!

The guys really work Cindy Dollar’s hot ass as it’s slapped, squeezed and bounced around in lustful hands! Strangelove catches an incredible moment when Cindy Dollar’s lipstick blowing and her bouncing ass (from taking intense face), are captured in one amazing shot! The same shot is even offered for the amazing spitroast!

Cindy Dollar’s ass is mesmerizing to watch as it continues to bounce around from force of balls pounding hard against it! But it’s the hot anal she receives while reverse cowgirl riding, that really makes the scene. With her stocking legs nice and wide, Cindy Dollar positions herself perfectly as she devours it all anally! With her tits bouncing around in his face, he groans, urging himself not explode inside Cindy Dollar’s ass! There have been many reverse anal cowgirl scenes, but this has to be one of the very best captured on film. Watch out for the hot anal cumshot that finishes the scene in the same unique style!

cindy dollar cowgirl anal knickers off

Cindy Dollar devours that cock with an incredible reverse cowgirl anal!

Strangelove really knows how to capture the lipstick and anal action with new dress-up styles. Alexandra Cat is another example of such imagination as the following scene sees her as a lustful dominatrix, but not the kind adult movies have so often portrayed….

alexandra catpussy knickers off

You’ve just been told to lick Alexandra Cat’s pussy…NOW!

We’ve seen a lot of female dominatrix scenes but this one begins in style. Alexandra struts her curves in front of 3 horny guys at a bar. Soon, she’s barking at them, thrusting their heads one by one under her tight girdle! “Come on!” she shouts, grasping their hair and urging them to lick her pussy harder and faster! Alexandra Cat even treats one guys head as a stool, siting on his face as she grasps her suspenders and barks “lick it…lick it!”. But is this girdle-wearing stunner prepared for what comes after getting three guys rock-hard?

On her knees, she returns the favour! Deep throating while seamen drools from her lipstick lips. Alexandra Cat knows exactly what to do with three cocks, throat-riding one as she jerks the other two off with the exact same rhythm. She plays with their balls and slowly (the scene offers a generous group BJ scene) builds them up two a hot spit roast, allowing one cock to squat fuck her pussy as she blows the other two.

alexandra cat spitroast knickers off

Alexandra Cat in her imaginative and stunning dominatrix outfit. The guys both give her their approval!

Strangelove demonstrates exactly how you bring out the crucial points of the fetish outfit, with superb under-shots with the dominating pussy licks, the sizzling spit roasts (offering the girdle fuck, big tit bouncing and cheek-bulging BJ fetish all in the same shot!) and a cleaver camera position directly above Alexandra’s butt, filming those cocks take turns in pounding that girdle ass!

After working those three cocks in her heels and girdle, you’ll suddenly find Alexandra reverse cowgirl riding a cock in hot thigh high boots! Her gorgeous tits bounce up and down while her ass devours a huge cock! Alexandra Cat then gets on all-fours, letting the guys take turns in pounding her thigh high-booted ass!

alexandra catboot anal knickers off

Boots on, ass up! An anal delight we never saw coming!

Strangelove now adds a bit of lesbian strap-on sex to this dress-up banquet. Elle Brooke and Jewell Marceau enjoy some dominant and constrained fun with a hot introduction of Jewell Marceau, squeezing together Elle Brooke’s big tits while Elle’s gorgeous red heeled pins are constrained high and wide within a bondage chair!

The two big breasted beauties take turns in that bondage chair, fondling and fucking each other with sex toys. But our highlights for this scene are when the strap on dildo is drawn forth! Strangelove captures Elle Brooke bouncing perfectly on Jewell Marceau’s dildo, as their motions perfectly replicate the riding of an actual cock (something that’s impressive to see with a strap-on scene). Jewell Marceau lustfully squeezes and spanks Elle Brooke’s ass cheeks as she bounces and it really looks as if Jewell can feel her pussy through that dildo! It’s simply incredible to watch!

elle brooke strap on fuck knickers off

Elle Brooke and Jewell Marceau, show us just how lesbian strap-on sex should be given…and taken!

Jewell Marceau gives some seriously hot dirty talk during this awesome strap-on scene. “Oh, just eat my dick” she lustfully whispers as she plunges deep within Elle. “I’m gonna come down your cock” cries Elle, as she squeezes her tits and rubs her clit to Jewell’s dildo pounding! Jewell Marceau goes on to kiss Elle Brooke’s ass, leaving lipstick marks on her butt cheeks and asshole, to then shout “look at that cunt” before thrusting her strap-on deep within Elle’s pussy! “I’m pumping you full of fucking dick!” Jewell screams, as she spanks Elle’s ass! A superb strap-on sex scene!

Robyn Truelove and Jordanna Black now take their sexual urges out on a constrained guy strapped to a bench. They unzip and pull out his tool to offer a hot two-handed jerk-off and the suction from a penis pump. Gorgeous camera angels include a close-up of Jordanna Black giving head while Robyn Truelove’s ass, bounces up and down on the constrained guys face! Expect some hot 69’s with cock lipstick-lipped pit-stops, before plunging back into pussy and ass!

The final scene will be a delight for military costume babe fans! Ebony Goddexx and Kerry Louise are two hardball officers who get what they want. Harsh slaps to the face and a hand-full of balls, quickly discipline their constrained male prisoner. His first punishment, being fetish cock torture from Ebony Goddexx, while Kerry Louise forces him to motorboat her huge tits!

ebony goddexx kerry louise knickers off

Kerry Louise and Ebony Goddexx will get what they want with deep cock sucking, sloppy gagging and huge tit suffocation!

Unfortunately this is as far as the military costumes go. Those caps, military shirts and latex skirts would have been perfect throughout, but Strangelove decides to get the babes down to their stocking and suspenders early. But just as you begin to miss those stunning outfits, Strangelove captures a gagging deepthroat from an incredible perspective. Ebony Goddexx is on her knees, deep throating cock as the camera looks up through her huge, bouncing tits!

The wide suspender straps also help make great close-ups for hot doggy-style scenes, with Ebony Goddexx taking a hard drilling. If you liked how the first scene ended, you’ll be in for another anal cumshot treat!

Fetish Sex Blog on the Knickers Off Review

Knickers Off explores the fetish of dress-up but this time without the total dominance of latex and leather. While such materials are always favourites for such a fetish, Strangelove’s approach is refreshing. Knickers Off opens with a unique 1950’s take but just when you expect it to flow in the same style, Strangelove will hit you with something totally different and even hotter than the last. Alexandra Cat stole the show for us in her girdle outfit and 3-on-1 anal performance, but Knickers off also sees Elle Brook,  Jewell Marceau, Ebony Goddexx and Kerry Louise give us the best lesbian strap-on and female dominant threesome scenes, we’ve seen in a while.

While Kickers Off has earned some big marks with its style and performances, there are still a few stains on its bedsheets. The back of the DVD cover clearly shows a reverse DP in Cindy Dollar’s opening scene, but we were then surprised to find that no form of DP exists in it. Although Alexandra Cat’s scene was perfect in our eyes, it would have been the ideal scene to place a double penetration, if Strangelove had wanted one (it would have been mesmerizing in her girdle!).

Our only other niggle is for the very last scene. Although Ebony Goddexx and Kerry Louise perform a fantastic female dominance threesome, we still can’t help but feel disappointed that their stunning costumes were taken off far too early in the scene. Highlights we pointed out for this near military-themed masterpiece, would have still worked beautifully with caps still on, shirts fully opened and latex skirts pulled-up (skirts removed only if very problematic).

Do these points spoil Knickers Off? Of course not. These are minor smears on a superbly shot and performed adult fetish movie. Knickers Off still earns its place on the fetish collectors must-buy list.

Download the Full Knickers Off DVD (also titled ‘Panties Down’ in certain countries)

Knickers Off DVD Extras

Knickers Off passes on behind the scenes footage and trailers for other Harmony films. However, it does offer a cumshot reel where you can select your favourite or play them all back-to-back (Cindy Dollars was our favourite). You’ll also find an image slide-show that offers hi-rez photos of the first four scenes, including some gorgeous shots of Cindy Dollar lipstick-blowing! We’re not sure why they were left out, but if would have been great to see hi-rez images from Ebony Goddexx and Kerry Louise’s military fetish scene.

The Fetish Sex Blog Knickers Off DVD Review Result:

Knickers Off 9.3 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Fresh and unique fetish outfits – Alexandra Cat, her outfit and what she does with 3 cocks – Hot and well executed anal sex positions – Gorgeous lipstick-lipped blowjobs – One of the hottest lesbian strap-on scenes you’ll see – Incredible and imaginative camera work for gagging, big tit blowjobs

CONSIDER: Although a DP is clearly displayed on the back of the DVD box, no form of double penetration actually takes place throughout Cindy Dollar’s opening scene.

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