Divine Whores Harmony DVD Review

Fetish DVD Review: Divine Whores  Release: August 2012

Harmony’s latest Voyeur series brings you gorgeous beauties, eager to get their pussies & asses pounded, their mouths cheek-bulged and their faces drenched in cum! Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest hardcore fest that is Harmony’s Divine Whores!

divine whores dvd review

Divine Whores DVD Review

As Cathy Heaven finishes her bar duties for the night, two suited guys can’t help but admire Cathy Heaven’s perfect ass. A few smiles and lustful touches soon see Cathy Heaven’s top come off, gorgeous pink tassel-tits come out and her jean-design leggings get torn apart at the ass! It seems Cathy’s shift isn’t over just yet…

divine whores cathy heaven anal

Cathy Heaven enjoys a deep squat-fucking anal, right before another cock is thrust down her throat!

Cathy Heaven gets on her knees and gives some amazing and effortless deep throat action! After smearing her saliva all over those hard rods, the camera perfectly captures Cathy receiving it hard in those leopard high heels! But it’s the spit roast technique that truly left our jaws at the floor! As one thrusts deep into Cathy heaven’s pussy, the other continuously thrusts deep down her throat!

Next up is Anissa Kate, who begins her scene drenching her gorgeous big tits with a sponge, while kneeling in her tub. Anissa’s hired handyman interrupts and the horny Anissa Kate, soon has his cock between her red lipstick lips! Anissa Kate’s ball sucking, deep throating and hot head kissing, give this scene a fantastic start!

divine whores anissa kate bj

Anissa Kate lets her handyman get to work with his tools!

Whether receiving hard anal cowgirl, doggy-style or getting drilled on her side, Anissa Kate’s tits are always the selling point. Great direction gives us superb tit shots during doggy style from beneath and from behind the action. Anissa Kate also wears provocative heels throughout, which are also well shot during doggy and cowgirls scenes, especially while her handyman grasps them for a hot piledriver and cumshot!

divine whores anissa kate cowgirl

Anissa Kate is a fantastic performer and her tits, stockings and high heels help bring this scene to boiling point!

Frankie. Let us say something about the gorgeous Frankie…EVERY guy who watches her scene will want to FUCK Franki! Fantastic deepthroat pounding, cum play (as she continuously allows it to drool and stretch from her mouth) and even sucking both balls at the same time, make her scene something special.

divine whores franki

Franki looks elegant but insanely hot in her hat, red lipstick, cincher, stockings and high heels!

Franki also rides cock like a legend! Watching her slowly tease and then pound a cock cowgirl-style is simply breath-taking, as she arches for a well-placed camera, thrusting her tits out with every lustful bounce. Camera work is also a highlight during some intense doggy scenes, really emphasising Franki’s amazing cincher, stockings and heels!

Paige Turnah leaves a caretakers jaw at the floor as she storms into a public toilet, desperate to relieve herself in more ways than one! Paige Turnah’s funky dress, stockings, garters and red heels turn our caretaker into a peeping-tom. Yet, another masturbating interruption that’s rewarded with sweet red lips! Paige Turnah delivers some gorgeous cheek-bulging with some even hotter creative play with her tongue!

divine whores paige turnah bj

Paige Turnah will treat viewers to some amazing cheek-bulging and tongue action!

After some intesne blowing, the camera perfectly targets Paige Turnah’s sexy garters as her legs are raised and her pussy is pounded on a stool! This position and a squat fucking doggy-style, really bring out the stocking and high heel fetish. Paige Turnah finishes with a nice load over her gorgeous face!

divine whores paige turnah high heel fuck

Paige Turnah works those sexy pins n’ heels

Karrina Curry and Karlie Simon also treat us to a kinky lesbian scene, with latex catsuits and tight rubber teddies. They probe each other with a box full of toys (Karrina Curry looking amazing as she takes a hot wand!) and both our girls take a good, quick latex fuck, pumping each other with strap-on didlos.

Fetish Sex Blog on the Divine Whores Review

The Voyeur’s Divine Whores sees Cathy Heaven, Anissa Kate, Franki and Paige Turnah give amazing performances in some great and relastic set locations. These beauties sure gave the male cast good head (we’ve never been so jealous of a male pornstar!). Yes, it would have been good to see a DP in Cathy Heaven’s scene but the spit-roast techniques simply blew the DP idea firmly out of our minds!

While we thought the Karrina Curry and Karlie Simon scene fell slightly short, (with mostly basic toy work and no real flair with strap-on sex positions) Karrina Curry’s ass in that red latex (while taking a dildo) saw us through. Karrina Curry has always worked a hot wardrobe on late night channels, so we really want to see her in some of Harmony’s more imaginative outfits, taking one (or maybe two) real cocks!

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Divine Whores DVD Extras:

Cumshot Recap, Hi-Rez Photo Gallery

The Fetish Sex Blog Divine Whores DVD Review Result:

9.3 out of 10

BUY IT FOR: Set locations are refreshing and fantasy-driven – Cathy Heaven performing one of the most erotic spit-roasts you’ll ever see! – Anissa Kate’s amazing red lipstick BJ and working her tits to perfection! – Franki looking stunning and blowing n’ riding like a legend! – Paige Turnah demonstrates how to tease and lick a cock…while working it in heels n’ stocks!

CONSIDER: Lesbian scene is mainly basic toy play with bursts of basic strap-on sex techniques

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