Den of Depravity Harmony DVD Review

Fetish DVD Review: Den of Depravity  Release: July 2012

Tanya Hyde’s latest release gives the lucky viewer a deep and dark kinky fuck-fest, full of sinful fantasies and perverted, jaw-dropping babes! The chained butt plugs are out, the babes are seriously dressed to impress, so let’s enter the Den of Depravity!

den of depravity dvd review

Den of Depravity DVD Review

Anissa Kate kicks-off Den of Depravity with another cock-raising french maid act. Omar is our horny butler this time but before he can shift his meat from Anissa’s painted lips to her ass, the master of the house rings! Our sexy French Maid Anissa Kate, soon finds herself over the masters knee!

den of depravity anissa kate chair fuck

A horny tongue, cock and wondering hands secure and lustfully fondle our sexy French maid!

Anissa Kate now gets locked in an incredibly erotic lick n’ suck hold! (see image above). It’s actually so hot it reminds us of the classic tentacle hentai art, where the babe is restrained and unable to move through sheer orgasmic delight!

Anissa Kate now continues to obey her master, giving us a sizzling spit-roast! A neck-chained butt plug helps fill all the horny holes but look out for the explosive facials! Anissa Kate’s face, hair and tits get drenched!

Karlie Simon is our next kinky bitch, dressed for hard cock in her tit-exposing cincher, net gloves, stockings and heels. This scene gets right to the action with Karlie Simon, working some fantastic deep and slow BJ skills on two masked men, to then have her tits squeezed from behind while having her clit rubbed! More mild constrained sex that’s performed and captured superbly!

den of depravity karlie simon spitroast

Karlie Simon enjoys a kinky spit-roast and we enjoy the amazing view!

After teasing these two seated guys, (Karlie Simon now does her impression of late-night sex chat babes!) Karlie gives it up for a superbly captured doggy fuck over a stool, (while Karlie Simon’s tits are pressed-up against it!) ending with a great anal cumshot that really hits the spot!

The most perverted bar in town now sees the beauty of Paige Turnah! A sexy cap, shades and heels surround a beautiful, long red dress. After ordering a drink, Paige Turnah heads to the toilet, leans against the wall and begins to piss all over the floor! It seems our stylish beauty demands attention and it’s not long before she’s on her knees in the gents, sucking like only Paige Turnah can!

den of depravity paige turnah bj

We’d bet every man on planet wants the stylish Paige Turnah, to suck their cock!

You could seriously watch Paige Turnah suck for hours! Her tongue work is always amazing and her wardrobe in this scene, just adds to her scorching performance. A good spit-roast on the pool table gets things really heated up. But just wait until a kinky overhead bar enters the scene!

den of depravity paige turnah cowgirl suck

Paige Turnah always enjoys ‘doubles’ at pool…but she prefers to use both cues!

With her cap still on and her hair elegantly draped over one breast, Paige Turnah leans back and allows her tits to work the camera! Another cock gets stuffed into her mouth and our stylish beauty is holding on to a rail bar above, while bouncing on and sucking cock! Of course, you can’t have a shade-wearing beauty avoid the glue…so she gets a nice load shot all over them!

Amanda Rendall and Franki, treat us to a unique and must-watch fetish threesome! Amanda warms us up by riding a stool-mounted didlo in the shower, before licking the latex-clad Franki in her fetish tit-exposing dress. Franki constantly plays with her nipple suckered-tits throughout this scene but the ladies fetish wear blends perfectly with some of the most erotic fondling and doggy-style fucking, we’ve seen!

den of depravity amanda rendall hard doggy

Amanda Rendall’s opening sex toy, riding and doggy-style performances throughout, make this scene a must-watch!

Bent-over a sex sheet-laid table and with her ponytail in the grasp of her man, Amanda Rendall takes one hard doggy fuck! Thrusting around the PVC sex sheet with her hands and biting down on it hard, are a few of Amanda Rendall’s jaw-dropping reactions to Omar’s huge black cock! You’ll also get to enjoy Franki’s gorgeous tits as she gets spread-out on a table and pumped while her fetish fun-bags are used like handle bars!

Cathy Heaven begins her scene with men constrained! Dressed in kinky leather with a sexy cap, she gives the most amazing, deep blowjobs! Her painted lips almost take the mighty Omar – whole and our masked caged guy, receives some of the longest running deep throats we’ve seen! But after Cathy Heaven generously warms her slaves up, it’s time to return the favour! With a chained face mask, she pulls her slaves face dildo, deep inside of her. Camera positioning is well executed here, filming just above her tits, giving a gorgeous view of Cathy Heaven’s body and the dildo that pumps her!

den of depravity cathy heaven cock suck

Whether she’s on her knees or riding cock, Cathy Heaven’s amazing deep-throat skills are always consistent!

Cathy Heaven not only blows us away with her deep-throat skills, but she also takes some great anal, devouring the mighty Omar’s cock – whole! Not only that, but she still performs mind-blowing deep-throat sucking while she’s riding! Cathy Heaven’s intense and demanding groans throughout, help make more great anal scenes such as getting drilled through a fetish frame (with some hot camera angels capturing her tits and pounded pussy) and also receiving more stunning ponytail-grasping doggy! But this time the meats in her back door! A superb anal scene!

Fetish Sex Blog on the Den of Depravity Review

Perfect scene settings, creative wardrobe design, the perverted imagination in Paige Turnah’s scene and the pure lustful performances by Amanda Rendall and Cathy Heaven, make Den of Depravity one of the best releases from Harmony…and you still have the oral and naturally gifted talents of Franki and Anissa Kate to enjoy!

Den of Depravity grabs the fetish niche by the balls and makes its meat disappear! It’s a near perfect blend of kinky outfits, sinful fantasies and darn good fucking! The one main negative for Den of Depravity would be that there are a total of four 2-on-1 scenes, with no form of DP whatsoever. This is quite a shock for any Harmony movie but the sheer quality of the sex and fantasies the movie creates, make Den of Depravity a must-buy for any fetish fan.

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Den of Depravity DVD Extras:

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The Fetish Sex Blog Den of Depravity DVD Review Result:


BUY IT FOR: Amazing fetish fantasy sex with Paige Turnah – Paige Turnah’s jaw-dropping oral skills – Amanda Rendall reminding you what you want in a hot doggy-style fuck! – Cathy Heaven dressed to impress and giving outstanding deep-throats while taking mesmerising anal! – Watching Franki work (and suck in) a gorgeous tit-exposing latex dress!

CONSIDER – Although the movie has four 2-on-1 scenes, no double penetrations are performed – Back of the DVD box shows Anissa Kate getting fucked in a sex swing. This sadly never made it to the final cut.


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  1. PaigeIsAwesome says:

    Paige Turnah alone is the reason to watch this movie! & Those Manly Studs that fucked her good & silly have great Beastly cumshots! DAMN

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